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Name:UK Lolitics
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welcome to uk-lolitics

Welcome to uk_lolitics, host to a lulzy look at UK politics.


1. Showing the real life people we fangirl our fannish spaces is a BANNABLE OFFENCE. No warnings, no second chances. DO NOT DO THIS. Yes, the first rule of uk_lolitics is that we do not talk about uk_lolitics. The previous government made a statement about it here in this mod post.

(Supplementary to 1: While the majority of that mod post still stands, you are welcome to post about your IRL encounters with politicians, lolitical meet-ups etc. However, please bear in mind that there is a line with RL you must not cross - the First Rule. Be respectful and do not bring lolitics into your conversation. The mod post has similar guidelines outlined.)

This kind of bannable activity includes: sharing links in any public forum (don't link to entries or to our affiliate comms in tweets, for example; do it by DM), mentioning it in fan-mail or in other communications to the people we fangirl or their affiliates. DO NOT repost/retweet/link your entries OR COMMENTS using LJ’s redistribution feature to Facebook and Twitter. What we do here is for our own entertainment and not everyone is as comfortable with being known about as you may be.

2. This is a lulzy discussion community about UK politics. Posts should be on topic, and that means they should A: centrally feature UK politics/politicians, B: provoke discussion and C: be funny. We're pretty flexible about what exact kind of thing you post within those criteria, though. Videos, photos, fanart, witty commentary on current events, excerpts from news articles, as long as it provokes discussion and makes us laugh, you're pretty much good. I'm excited so-and-so is following you on Twitter, or that you found the most amazing fandom meme, and I'mma let you finish, but if you don't make it inclusive (a twitter friending meme; a form so we can all do the meme in the comments) it's not in the spirit of the comm and you'll be asked to change it or delete it.

3. This is not primarily a place for serious debate. There are plenty of other spaces for you to discuss politics like that if you so wish; this is intended as a space for discussing what kind of facial hair you think would look best on what party leader (with photoshopped evidence), or how it would go down in the houses of parliament in the case of a zombie apocalypse, or similar subjects. You are allowed to mention your serious political opinions in passing comments, although these should preferably be confined to watch-along posts, but please keep it casual and don't derail the post you're commenting on. If you want a more involved, detailed discussion about a serious topic you think the comm would have an interest in, or if you want to post breaking news of an unlulzy but highly noteworthy variety, please get permission from the mods first. SRS BSNS posted without permission will be deleted.

4. We welcome members of all political persuasions, provided they don't violate point five. That said, smacking members down because they vote for a different party or express a differing opinion to the one you hold is not on. We're a friendly, multi-partisan group. Keep it glad, keep it mad, keep it gay!

5. Everyone is welcome... Unless your views are racist, ableist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic or otherwise contain the idea that one group of people is better/deserves more than another group of people based on things nobody can choose. If you hold those views you can GTFO. It will not be tolerated and you will be banned.

6. The comm is neutral on shipping. You're certainly welcome to bring as many political crack ships as you want with you to the comm (or jump on board them when you get here), but you don't need to ship things in order to mock politics, so shipping is strictly optional. We have affiliated comms to which you can post all manner of fic (see below).

7. Margaret Thatcher is an internationally notorious milk thief; Gordon Brown's smile has the power to begin the Apocalypse; Nick Clegg masquerades as Clegg-Flashheart when not conducting Important Parliamentary Business (and sometimes even when he is); David Cameron neither loves nor hates marmite; David Miliband holds the gold medal for the World Midwieght Swan-Kicking Championship; in his spare time, Nick Griffin promotes BN biscuits and Jammie Dodgers.

8. The only defence against PETER BONE is a bedfort (chair-forts have been proven by a maintainer to work sufficiently), a tinhat and a baguette. Do not be caught without these things when faced with the BONE.


You may also be interested in:

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lolitics_meme - An anonymous fic meme for prompting/writing lolitical fic.
loliticssecrets - A secrets comm for lolitics. Submission posts are made every Sunday and new secrets posted every Saturday. (Now defunct.)
uk_lolitics_fic - A community for all your RPSing needs! There also exists communities for specific ships, such as clameron.
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If you run a comm you think might be relevant to the interests of the loliticians here, and you would like to affiliate, you can request affiliation in a comment at the contact the mods post, or you can PM any of the maintainers to ask.

Maintainers and Mods

We're a highly involved, friendly bunch and you will frequently see us fangirling right alongside you. Don't be shy if you have a question, problem or suggestion - "we're all in this together", right? We don't require ritual sacrifice, bowing or scraping, but feel free anyway. We might respond faster that way.

Temporary Acting Speaker:

broadcasts likes John Major a little too much.

Deputy Speaker:

kainosite enjoys Points of Order, sedentary chuntering, and Chris Bryant's ties. She is also a fan of Labour psychodrama, Britain's largest natural resource.

Chief Whips:

proskynesis has been actively shipping Blair/Brown since the early 2000s. Her favourite things include the Milipatch, cocktails named after politicians, and the non-existant space between Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo on the This Week sofa.

mephisto5 spends far too much time watching BBC Parliament rather than doing work. Resident mad scientist.

We also have ssquirrel_fic who is a general sentry and occasionally schools us in actual politics. Don't say we never taught you anything useful.

There are no definite mod hosted party posts, so we invite you to make one for yourself if there is something you want to flail with others' about. A weekly round-up of upcoming debates and committee goings-on is posted at the weekend for you to peruse and make plans around.

Reach us at the contact the mods post, which has direct links to PM us.


This discussion group is primarily satirical in nature. We in no way claim that statements made in this community are factual (or even tenuously connected to reality in any way, half the time). The views expressed by individuals in the community do not necessarily represent the views of the community as a whole. If you're from Adobe Systems and dislike the fact we used the trademark "photoshop" as a verb earlier in the description of the community, let us know and we'll find a synonym to replace it with.

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